Stream of Consciousness

I have lots of random thoughts during the day that are short enough to be tweeted or FB statused (is that a word?), but none worth anything out of context.  So, on this happy soon-to-be-snowy Friday at work, I thought I would keep track of some of them that come to me.  This may explain some of the innerworkings of my brain.  It’s an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes.  In chronological order….

  • Is ‘retroreflectorized’ a word, MUTCD?
  • How awesome is my Jim Croce channel on Pandora?  JT, John Denver, Van Morrison, Gordon Lightfoot, The Beatles, Carol King, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, America.  I’m so mellow right now. 
  • Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel is the perfect snow day song, but only if people are not freaking out and can enjoy the beauty and silence of the snow.  I don’t think DC is there just yet.
  • Jittery and shaky from too much coffee.  That equals 1/2 cup because I don’t drink coffee.
  • Come to think of it, my left hand was shaking when I got into work before coffee.  And the pulsating purring sensation is still in my right heel.  I’m falling apart.
  • Boss is paying for lunch to be delivered so we can keep working.  And we’re getting Chop’t, my favorite!  I love that I work at a place that would rather order salads instead of driving to the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Just caught myself humming aloud at work.  Uh oh.  My office is far enough away from anyone who can hear me (but adjacent to my 72 year old boss who probably cannot hear).  I must be in a good mood from the inside!
  • Hit a work groove.  Quickly becoming an expert on walking and biking for Safe Routes to School program.
  • Just looked out the window.  Disappointment.  It’s been snowing for three hours and nothing has stuck.  This is glorified rain.  I was just told that we have 18 more hours so I should be patient.
  • Just thinking that I’m glad I went to the library last weekend and have new books to read.  Then I switched Pandora station to my “Neil and Kevin channel.”  These are unrelated, but immediately adjacent thoughts.  Oh, work speak.
  • My fingers are tno working ameymore.  I should go moeh.

I think I’m going to end there.  My right hand is going numb, which usually means a migraine.  No fun!  I don’t think this experiment worked as well as I had hoped.  Either the thoughts are funnier in my head when I don’t feel “watched” or blogs just do not translate.  I may try this again another day when I’m not under deadline and getting a migraine.  Happy Friday!

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