Snow Games

In anticipation for snOMG Snowpacalyptic Snowgasm tomorrow, I’m sharing a post I wrote after the last big snow in December but never posted (I was waiting on photos). 

In the meantime, check out the fivethirtyeight of weather forecasting to watch the weather geeks in action (credit to Corey Holman for that joke).  We’re expecting between 16″ and 26,” but this weather girl (me) says those are a bit overestimated, despite the fabulous proof and weather geekery of the certified and trained professionals.  I’m sure there will be many posts to come because you know how I love my snow!!  I’m already so excited I can’t sleep, and I have a wonderful weekend planned!


If you did not know already, I’m pretty darn good at making up games on the fly. And, if you did not know already, Corey is quick to challenge anyone for a buck. (It isn’t the buck, but the bragging rights he wants.) Games on our snow walk included:

  •  “Guess what model car is under 16 inches of snow” (Corey won 4-1).
  • “Who can throw snow closest to the snow hole I just made?” (Corey won 2-0)
  • “Who is gullible enough to take ridiculous photos?” (Tie)
  • Other games this weekend included a smack down by me in Connect 4 and “How long can you stomach this Lifetime Movie Network Original Movie?” (I’m the house champion.)

Ahh, snowdays. How I love you. Back to work reality today. But only after our heater broke…more on that another day.

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