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Name That ‘Hood

Pretty soon I’ll have a new neighborhood to call home.  I’m so excited!  Technically, the place is in the very far southeast corner of the Shaw neighborhood, but so south and east that the road to the east of me is the east border and the road to the south is the south border of the neighborhood.  I won’t tell you the exact location of the place since I hear my insurance premiums could go up for that kind of behavior, but I will tell you it is in or around the shaded area of the images (“Momma didn’t raise no fool”).  If you want the exact location for mapping purposes, just email me.

Neighborhood Street Map

Neighborhood Street Map

Neighborhood Aerial

Neighborhood Aerial


So, what to call my new neighborhood?  In keeping with SoHo, TriBeca or our local NoMa (North of Mass Ave), here are a few options:

  • EaConCen (pronounced ee-CON-sin): East of the Convention Center
  • Soeash: Southeast Shaw
  • NoChiTo: North of Chinatown
  • NoNY: North of New York Avenue
  • 395Ter: I-395 terminus
  • DunHi Adjacent: Dunbar High School Adjacent
  • ArcoYale: Around the corner from Yale Lofts
  • Tranny Town North: North of where the transvestite hookers hang out by I-395 on 4th Street
  • EaJoWit: East of the Jehovah Witnesses Kingdom Hall
  • WeNewJ: West of New Jersey Avenue
  • EmVerSquare: East of Mount Vernon Square
  • NoVer Center: North of Verizon Center

What is your favorite?  Others I could add to the list?



Pretty Pathetic

Yes, I’m a pathetic sick person, a whiny baby, a helpless lump.  And no one wants to hear about it, I’m sure, but in my boredom I took this photo of all the necessities in my little world:

I've stared at this for three days now.

I've stared at this for three days now.


  • glass of water, one quarter full
  • lotion
  • smell good sticks, as if I could smell anything
  • thermometer
  • pony tail holder
  • last night’s mound of used kleenex (or toilet paper as the case may be).
  • pencil and journal, to capture my zany brain so my regular brain can look back on this time and chuckle
  • cell phone
  • chapstick

Not pictured

  • Roll of toilet paper.  It has to sit by my right hand for quick response
  • Laptop.  Obviously, it’s sitting in my lap.
  • Sudoku, most recent issue of Dwell, and Blink, the Malcolm Gladwell book I’m chugging through.  All sitting on my bed.

I’m so loopy and tired of looking at the same four walls and generally tired.  At least I can laugh with/at/by myself!  And I’m in really good spirits, if nothing else.  Nap time.  And at some point today, I will write my second cousin Kelly who has been in the hospital since December.  I cannot imagine how she can take this and be so awesome through everything she has been through.

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Weekend Bust

Well, this weekend was a bust due to the biggest icky sickishness I’ve had in the last 2-3 years.  I canceled all my plans on Saturday and Sunday, and more than likely will not make it in to work tomorrow.  I was supposed to go hiking with the Sierra Club, out for Alice’s birthday, meet Nancy for tea this morning and play board games at Vincent’s this afternoon.  Phooey.  And now I’m bored and hating that I missed such a fun weekend.

However, I’m guessing I’m sick due to the stress of the house stuff and just not slowing down at all this week.  Friday night was the first official outing for our improv troupe, so I couldn’t miss that…

Subsidized Corn

Subsidized Corn

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Subsidized Corn!!  Nick Bourke, Goli Samimi, Lizzie Nolan, Steve Kachadorian, Darnell Eaton and me.  I have to say, these are some fantastic  people who “yes, and” their way through life.  A very humorous, positive and supportive group, both on and off the stage.  I can’t wait to show you what this group can do together.  In the meantime, check out Nick, Goli and Lizzie playing as Sophie’s Random Selection on Saturday, March 6th at 9:30 for their F.I.S.T. (Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament) debut.  I will surely be there.

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Just Another Thursday

Inquiring minds are inquiring about the house.  No, nothing yet.  Payam took my final-final and best offer to them today.  He told me he would not leave without a signature, though, unless he’s sleeping there tonight, no signature so no deal.  He tells me I should know tomorrow.  Great, my work deadline that was on Wednesday was magically delayed until tomorrow, as if I did not have enough to think about.  No focus.  Then, at 11:30 a.m. we have an all staff meeting and those only happen about twice a year so I cannot be late.  Basically a half written proposal has to be done by 11:00 tomorrow morning.  And I can’t sleep.

Today was my third full day of the all natural, no preservatives, no processed, no sugars, no nothing diet.  From the earth only.  I always get cranky the first few days while craving sugar, but I’m handling it okay.  Corey and I have given ourselves tomorrow night off since we both have things to do that are very important to us, but in exchange, we’re going an extra few days.  Instead of Wednesday to Tuesday, we’re now going Wednesday to the following Friday night.  I can hold out that long for sure, I just need to get some time to prepare some food!  It’s practically impossible to eat out or eat on the run on this diet.

Last night I saw “In The Red and Brown Water” at the Studio Theater and it was the best show I’ve seen there by far.  The characters were excellent and they went into and out of narrating for themselves in aninteresting way.  I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate that into improv, but I need to get a better grip on the basics first.  Actually, I have the basics, it’s the next steps I need to work on.  Everything has come naturally so far, so now that it’s time to think, I’m getting worked up.  I need to let go and enjoy the ride (sound familiar?), but I have this pressure to be good coming from within.  I just need practice.  Each night after class, I leave feeling worse than I started about my capabilities.  Mark is an awesome teacher.  I just see so many of the ideas that he’s explaining but feel that I’m not progressing and acting on these instructions.

What else?  The Fifth Edition of “The Dimensions of Parking” was just released.  Awesome.  I’ll never forget that Alex Boozer Rodriguez gave me my very own Fourth Edition and I thought that was the greatest gift ever.  I also got my copy of “Becoming an Urban Planner.”  Yes, I’m already an urban planner, but I’m one of the “featured interviewees.”  I didn’t sound like a complete idiot (like that horrible Planning Magazine article a few years back), so I’m pleased.  Maybe I’ll buy copies for all my friends children for their graduations.

Thanks for reading and entertaining me during my insomnia.  I’m starting to feel a little like John Mayer for sharing too much.  Eh.  Read what you want and skim the rest.  Or not.  Good night.

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Bee busy

In other news, things are crazy.  I had a wonderful weekend with some girlfriends.  Saturday night with Arlene and Jenny, and Sunday night with Fanny, Corinne, Meghann and Amanda.  Thanks ladies!!

Yesterday I worked even though our offices were technically closed.  I have a deadline tomorrow (stall much??) and needed to make up some hours from the snow at the very least.  No sense taking PTO if I don’t have to!  Tonight Subsidized Corn is back – finally – to practicing after missing two weeks, which really means three weeks of not seeing the gang.  I really missed them.  Tomorrow night is “In the Red and Brown Water” with Fanny.  Thursday night is class.  Friday night is an outing to see UCB with Subsidized Corn as our first official outing.  Saturday morning I’m hiking with the Sierra Club under 395 for an infrastructure walk – no idea, but it sounded cool.  I think we’re going to see oil drippings in the snow under bridges.  At least that is my weird hope.  So, that’s where I’ll be this week, keeping myself busy until I hear if I get a house or not. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Corey and I are starting our crazy all natural foods only diet tomorrow morning.  The bet is for pride.  It will be hard as hell, and we tried to talk ourselves out of it then we realized that it was all just excuses.  But at least we’re only going for a week.  I tried to start today and I already really, really crave sugar.  Argh.

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House Update II

When it rains, it pours.  Or snows.  And so goes the saga of the house hunt.  Here’s the quick update.  If you recall, I signed the release last week, and I was over The Fairmont.  Payam took me to look at 10 places on Saturday morning.  Quite the range of places we saw!  And it was lots of fun to try to get in and out of the houses in snow that had not been shoveled.  And all the houses looked so bright inside because the sun reflected off the snow and may have given me some false impressions.

Good news is that I found something completely opposite of The Fairmont in that it is a condo (2-units in a house) that is brand new with stainless steel appliances and all the fixins’.  Really nice, top of my price range, but would not need any work.  It’s been on the market for almost a year, but they had some pricing adjustments to get them to reality.  Like I said, exactly the opposite of the unhealthy fixer-upper with loads of potential that may have given me an early death.

So, my realtor asked that I wait until getting a signed release – just in case – before making the offer on the condo.  The release came in Monday night and I signed and sent the offer immediately.  Yay!

But there’s always a catch.  Apparently, just hours before they received my offer there was another offer.  WHAT?!?  I’m totally not cut out for this and I have no clue how anyone lived through the bidding wars of 2004-2006.  So now I wait.  I went in with a lowish but strong offer thinking we would negotiate.  Now I wait to see if the other joker did the same thing but offered less money.  I probably won’t get any sleep tonight, but I should hear something by tomorrow hopefully.  I won’t waste blog space telling you about the place until I hear something positive.  It could go either way, so I’m being optimistic and hopeful.  I’m not frustrated, but excited!  And if this one isn’t it, there’s always another….

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David Gray

So I’m sitting here listening to David Gray’s song that officially says “this year’s love had better last” which made me giggle because Meghann Shinners and I, back in our NACD days, used to think that it was “this is love in Italy.”  Then it occurred to me -quite out of the blue- that had my life continued on a different path, I would be flying to Rome this evening.  Getting out of the city sounds really good, but not Rome and not now.

Instead, I turned that ticket in for a trip to Los Angeles for Brianna’s wedding in late April.  Part of me thinks I cannot wait that long to get to LA.  Freakin’ Joni Mitchell has sung “California” to me three times already today in my shuffle!  I also booked my flight to New Orleans for mid-April, so I’m feeling better about traveling.  I certainly feel grounded while trying to save some money for a house purchase.

Good thing I have a fabulous weekend planned to take my mind off not traveling and not being in California while two feet of snow sits outside my window.  Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  I’m such a freak when it comes to the Olympics.  We thought about having a party, then I decided against it due to my propensity to cry at athletic accomplishments.  I started getting weepy this morning with Matt Lauer carrying the torch.  Geez, Megan.

Tomorrow is more house hunting first thing.  I’m very optimistic.  Then an outdoor BBQ (in the snow!) with Corey, Kate and Andrew.  Saturday night is Girls Night Out and Sunday night is Girls Night In.  I’ll keep those details to myself, but I’m looking forward to it.

UPDATE: As if I needed another reason to cry at the Opening Ceremonies.

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