No sleep.

I’m sure all my loyal readers are very concerned with my mental stability and willingness to throw everything I have worked for away for some silly longing to be young and free.  Well, don’t be too concerned everyone!  Not that you were.  I didn’t do anything stupid or silly at all.  I got to thinking about how lame I was when I was 22, and quite frankly, disappointed myself with the memories.  Oh, well.  At some point I’ll get so old that my “non-memories” will be just as good as real memories, and I’ll never know the difference.

One thing I did relive was the presence of my freakin’ zits!  I’m so stressed out about the house that my face looks like any Proactiv commercial “before” photo.  So sad.  The home inspection is tomorrow and I’m really nervous about how much work it will need.  I lie awake at night just thinking about all that needs to be done…and I’ve only seen the inside once.  No telling what the inspector will see tomorrow.  I visited the outside of the house last week and I forgot how bad it was.  The decks were built with plywood, and they are now soggy.  I’ll need new doors (at least three, one of which needs a mail slot and a peep hole – what if I forget to get the peep hole?), windows, probably new window casings, fill in the giant hole in the brick, oh, and bricks for the crumbling stairs, gutter ties, new locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Oh, and I’ll have to figure out how to put the fridge in the kitchen and take out a kitchen cabinet and build/buy an island.  Huh.  Fun weekend projects, indeed! 

But for now they are keeping me awake, mostly because I cannot do anything about them…for now.  Later they’ll keep me up because I don’t know how to fix them.  Then they’ll keep me up because they are expensive and I’ll have to figure out how to pay for them.  The worst case scenario isn’t so bad – the house is falling in and I walk away.  Actually, worst case would be a long list of medium problems (enough that I could not get out of the contract) I buy it, fix it up a bit, THEN the house falls in.  But if that’s the worst case, it can’t be all bad, right? *gulp*

And now I just joined a team for the WIT FIST Improv tournament.  What am I thinking?  Be ready for some crazy characters, that’s for sure.  Stress releasing characters.  The kind that yell and have big, unpredictable movements.  Or maybe I’ll just play myself.  I’m looking forward to practice tomorrow night to relieve this stress, that’s for sure.  More information about FIST soon enough.  Thanks for reading!

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