Seriously, help.

I have an itch.  And I’m sure this is just a result of my pending house purchase, but I want to be young and free again.   You know, do something stupid and regrettable and not know any better.  Get drunk and hook up.  Dance on a bar.  Get arrested for something silly like taking off my shirt in public.  No permanent damage, of course, just temporarily throw caution to the wind and go crazy as if there were no repercussions.  Not that buying a house is death, per se, but I still have money in my bank account as of today to bail myself out of jail if need be.  I should not waste that opportunity, right?

Earlier this week I was thinking about a trip to Vegas I had a few years back.  A girls trip with all the trouble you can imagine.  I met a guy that was really fun and interesting, and later that week I called in sick and went back for 24 hours.  On a Wednesday night.  I remembered calling my Mom after the fact and telling her that I had just cut out on work to fly to Vegas to hang out with a guy and his friends for a night.  My Mom was so excited for me!  What?!?  Where was the parental supervision?  I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to Vegas to hang out with strangers and she replies that I should do more things like that?!?  Then it occurred to me that she wasn’t aware of half the stuff I had done, and I wasn’t about to start telling her then either.

I blame Corey, 27, who will blame his younger girlfriend Kate, 22, which makes me two degrees from 22.  I have to say I’ve been inspired recently by watching Jersey Shore and Real World DC (I started by only watching for the city shots and totally got sucked in).  I don’t know whether to hit or kiss something!  So mixed up those youngsters.  Just like Vampires or boarding schools in New England, Jersey Shore is the absolute farthest thing from my life so it’s fun to fantasize about.  If I had a tan like those kids, I would already be dead from skin cancer.

So here is my cry for help.  Help.  Help me by letting me get it out of my system.  I’ll be back to normal on Monday, I promise.  I won’t do any permanent damage.  I’m thinking just a good old fashioned girls drunk night out dancing tomorrow night.  Any takers?  I will only minimally embarrass myself, I swear.

Happy Weekend.  😉

  1. #1 by Melissa on January 25, 2010 - 3:25 pm

    Meg: Come to Seattle and play with me this weekend! That would be SO crazy!

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