Dear 2010,

Welcome, Year 2010!!  I’m excited to see you, but I am sad to see 2009 go, too.  2009 was a great year, but I think you will do me even better that last year.  I have lots in store for you.

I brought you into this world the best way I know how – with friends in a low key, relaxing atmosphere.  We had dinner at Social, then headed to Alice and Andrew’s house for post dinner celebration with champagne and dancing.  Is there any other way, 2010?

To celebrate your first whole day, I made the Cummings family traditional meal of black eyed peas, boiled cabbage and cornbread, except the grocery store was out of Jiffy cornbread so I made Jiffy blueberry muffins which look exactly the same but with blueberries.  The peas represent coins, the cabbage dollars, and cornbread/blueberry muffins represent love.  Well, I made that last part up, but the peas and cabbage is an old southern thing – the more you eat, the more you’ll get, though I always thought that was my mom’s ploy to get us to eat more.

Cabbage, black-eyed peas and muffins

Cabbage, black-eyed peas and muffins

2010, I have made some promises to you.  Most of them have to do with work – being more productive, proactive and forceful.  Less talk, more action.  For the first time, none of the promises are fitness promises or food promises.  That’s what February is for (the ultimate overlooked month).  And as always, I promise not to take you for granted and assume there will be another year around the corner. 

2010, you have been so nice to me already by giving Emily a student teaching position and Dad a new job.  I hope to return the favor and fill you with lots of laughter, love and people I adore most.  You and the Universe and I will get along so well!  I can’t wait to see what we do together!

Love, Me

  1. #1 by craigkimkennedy on January 5, 2010 - 6:03 pm

    You make me laugh. Great post.

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