Snow Walk

On Sunday afternoon, fresh off our Snowwoman success, we decided to take a walk through our beautiful neighborhood.  Capitol Hill was meant for snow like no other DC neighborhood.  Since Corey had to pick up something from work, we walked by Lincoln Park, the Capitol building and Union Station.  A few thoughts…

Lincoln Park was freakin’ awesome.  I love that neighbors had a reason to lollygag in the park, watching other folks, building snow forts or one of the many snowmen we saw.  The dogs loved it, too.  I was wishing random strangers “Happy Good Neighbor Day.” Maybe I’m the “special” neighbor now, but winter clothes have a way of helping me to remain anonymous, so I should be good.

Taking back the streets!!  I love when people are able to safely walk in the middle of the street – I think that was one reason I had so much fun on Election Night 2008 when people were all over.  Same for our snow situation.  These streets are for people, People!!  For the day, the streets belonged to clean, crunch-under-your-feet boots.  Neighbors passed and said hello.  I overheard a man who was shoveling the dog groomers on the corner say that there was a man in a wheelchair that also needed his help, so he was headed there to shovel next.  How cool is that?

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