Another Anniversary

No, this anniversary is not with Chris, but with my roommate Corey.  I figure Chris and Maria have gotten shout outs, and Corey deserves one for being an awesome roommate.  Which makes me wonder if I should do “Profiles of Courage” or some other lame title for folks on a routine basis.  We’ll see.

Erin and Corey

Corey, Erin and I celebrated Election 2008 at the White House

Anyway, back to Corey.  We have now lived together for two years…can you believe it has been that long?  Our first house was in Ballston with Melissa, Andy and Wright.  Corey and I bonded because no one else was around.  The place was small, but we got along despite crazies and police calls and the like. 

Then I convinced him that he wanted to live in the city and “forced him” to move with me to Capitol Hill where we live now (Thanks to Payam!).  We have lots of space to entertain, and we do!  Plus the deck is fantastic and the rosemary sneaks up on you, just like the mosquitos.  Corey takes care of the shed, the trash, the lightbulbs and other manly things around the house.  I really like living with a boy that does this.  I take care of most of the rest, and it works for us.

Two years.  Dare I ask how many Janwiches I’ve seen created or beers I’ve seen consumed?  No celebrations, just watching Biggest Loser and trading snarky comments about any person or thing on the television screen.  Just another night at 1357.  Thanks for being a great roommate, Corey!

  1. #1 by Corey on December 2, 2009 - 1:36 am

    Megan, don’t sell yourself short. You’re pretty much the best roommate one could ask for; you dealt with the aforementioned drama like a champ as well as imparted enormous amounts of life wisdom (even though I didn’t listen to it). You also have taught me about such things as natural foods, sweet potatoes, and peanut butter. In short, beat roommate ever.

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