Bon Voyage, Maria

Rose Bowl Tickets!

2009 Rose Bowl Tickets

Tonight is the last time I see Maria before she becomes a Californian.  I’m sad.  Maria and I worked together at Wells, but didn’t really, really start hanging out until I left the company (and she broke up with her boyfriend).  During our two great years, we’ve tailgated, road tripped to State College, 2009 USC vs PSU Rose Bowl, biked more miles than I’ve cared to bike, “cooking classes” (she taught me), tried out new restaurants, talked office(s) gossip and transportation headlines, and decorated gingerbread, among many other fun adventures.

Maria is headed to San Francisco for a Masters in Sports Management at USF.  People think she is crazy for giving up her engineering job (and Professional Engineer’s certification) close to home to move across the country to be dirt poor in one of the country’s most expensive cities and ultimately end up with a masters and half the salary.  To that, I say bullhonky.   I am so proud of her for making this decision and taking her fate into her own hands.  And she is pumped and passionate again.  To this day, the best decision I’ve ever made was to move to Los Angeles for school, so I wish her the best of luck. 

I hope PSU does not go out of business without her to buy all the PSU gear!

Of course, that means I lose one of my dearest east coast friends and I’m very sad about that.  But, I’m thrilled to have a person in SF to visit!  You west coasters are making my west coast swings harder and harder by spreading out – with my folks in LA and my sister in Seattle and now Maria in SF.  I’ll make due.  Too bad that high speed rail isn’t ready yet.

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