Improv Follow Up

Sunday afternoon was so much fun! One of the many great reasons to take a class is to perform in the Student Showcase. WIT opens its theater to an audience of friends and family ready to support their, well, friends and family on stage.  Which means they are nervous for us which means a higher propensity to laugh.  We’ll take it.  Chris, Rob Gibson and Maria came to laugh and they told me they had a good time (thanks, guys!). I know I was having fun and that’s all that matters to me!  The suggestion from the audience was ‘hunting’ and somehow that turned into ‘hunting school children’ about three skits in.  And by “somehow” I mean I blame myself.  That’s the fun of improv!

In the session after ours I got to watch Nancy, Brandon and Amelia perform in three of the five troupes. Amelia was in the Musical Improv 2 class and freakin’ amazing.   Man, that looks like fun! I can’t think on my feet in quite the same way, but I’m pretty sure the class will teach some tricks of the trade. I may just take that when the time is right…you know how I love musicals.

Last but certainly not least, I ran into my friend Darnell from my first class (Level 1A). He’s really supportive. Darnell has been practicing with one of my classmates, Nick, and they invited me to practice and play with them weekly. I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for folks to practice with. Apparently, they’ve been looking for someone with good physicality. I’ve got the physicality down, it’s the voice and emotion and initiation and action and limiting my language that needs work! But now I have some folks (who are great at those things) to practice with. My first practice with the group was tonight and we laughed lots and lots, so I’m already looking forward to next Monday.

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