Florence Apartment Booked!

I’m just so excited that I want to tell everyone!  We just booked a week’s stay in February in Florence at this adorable place.  We looked around pretty hard and this one is in the center of it all and a great price.  Plus, a TV with satellite so I can catch some of the Olympics!  Poor planning on my part has us in the plane to Rome on the night of the Opening Ceremonies, but I’m still excited to be catching the action in another country – especially one that was the last host of the Winter Games.  Maybe they will be as pumped as I am!

Now we are looking for information for Rome and Venice and anywhere else your suggestions lead us.  We plan to take a day trip or two from Florence around Tuscany, so we would love suggestions for that as well.

Happy travels!

  1. #1 by kipper on November 20, 2009 - 1:36 pm

    Very jealous! We were in Rome in July 08 and loved it. We too are pumped for the Olympic Games. Surprised you are not going to see the brother-in-law who is only a few hours from the venues.

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