Sweet Home, Alabama

This weekend Chris and I headed to Alabama for a quick getaway to meet his grandmother and his friends throughout the state.  We flew into Huntsville Friday morning then drove to Auburn.  Chris is originally from Auburn and graduated from Auburn University, so the man has some history there.  We took a tour that consisted of a lot of “that wasn’t there before” or “I used to work there” or “that used to be a ______.”  We met his grandmother who was the sweetest thing ever.  

That evening we went to “Date Night” with Chris’s friend Julie, her husband Rob and their cute baby, Naomi.  Movie themed “Date Night” was sponsored by the baptist church, but I am happy to report that neither Chris nor I burst into flames upon stepping foot on the grounds.  And we had fun playing movie trivia and watching movie clips.  The one thing we learned from the “preaching” was that when (not if) you get married, things change in your relationship for the worse, so we interpreted that to mean better not get married.  That was our conclusion at least, but I’m sure their message got jumbled along the way.

Saturday we toured Montgomery for a brief bit (drove by the Alabama Capitol Building) then headed to Huntsville.  We met up with Chris’s friend, Chris Gray.  He gave us a great tour of Huntsville which included a new urbanist community, The Village of Providence (who knew??).   Then we met up with Dave, Wendy and little Sophia for dinner at an italian restaurant below the Huntsville Museum of Art.  Afterwards we headed to The Nook, a small hole in the wall that serves 115 types of beers.  Nice.

Sunday morning I got Bojangle’s for the group (holla!) then watched anime.  My first.  Chris and Chris picked out six different types, some of which was great, some of which was not.  There will be a separate posting on this for sure.

P.S. Alabama was cold.  I got fooled into thinking because we were headed south that it would be warmer.  But it was not.  Even Chris said “Brrr” a few times.

  1. #1 by kipper on October 19, 2009 - 1:18 pm

    Are you posting at work? (is it worse to post or read at work?)

    Bojangles, oh you lucky dog. I will be in NC in November, and Bojangles will be in my belly!

  2. #2 by Megan on October 19, 2009 - 2:47 pm

    For the record, I wrote the post last night, then posted it while I was at work this morning. However, this comment was posted at work. Total time lost: 5 minutes.

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