Searching for the Blog’s purpose

As absolutely fascinating as it is to read about my day-to-day activities, I have been searching for some bit of purpose to this blog.  My thoughts are never quite organized enough to write about transportation or urban planning issues, nor do I want this to become a work thing.  Improv is fun, but it doesn’t quite translate.  (Tangent: I changed classes from Monday night to Sunday – best “lookin’ out for my best interest” I’ve ever done.  Improv is fun again!)

But I am still striving to find something that I’m passionate enough about to write articulately and inform my dear readers.  It occurred to me that I see a lot of musicals and really enjoy them.  Chris likes them probably more than I do, which makes for an awesome evening out (or in – the man has the largest collection of DVD musicals I’ve ever seen).  And since we are free of adult responsibilities that some of our peers have, live in the city and can spend our extra cash on evenings out, that’s how we choose to spend our time together. 

So, I’m thinking of doing reviews for musicals I have watched. 

I will still keep the other stuff up, and one a week would be a reachable goal.  It may shift to movies and musicals, though I would not write my opinions about mainstream movies because they are not worth my time and you can see those yourself.  Chris and I recently decided that we would try to visit E Street Cinema at least once a week, so that could provide a good backup if we didn’t hit a musical every week (that includes the DVDs as live theatre can get pricey).  I may even try to get to community theatres, local shows or high school productions (HSM!!). 

Thoughts?  Is that remotely interesting?

  1. #1 by Pam on October 12, 2009 - 5:32 pm

    I have totally struggled with the same thing on my crafting blog. That’s why I haven’t written a post in (cough) six months. But I like reading your blog, even though the topic is so broad, and it’s getting me to think about restarting my own!

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