There is no such thing as a short post…

I am giving myself a little test on this lovely Friday afternoon.  Can I be brief?  We’re about to find out.

It’s been awhile since my last post, but thanks for staying with me.  Here are some of the things I have been up to, sprinkled in with some random thoughts.  In no order of importance or chronology:

  • Chris and I babysat little Rhys on Tuesday.  (Rhys belongs to Jenny and Dan and is one of the cutest kids ever).  At one point, Rhys was playing a noise game with Chris and having a buddy bonding moment.  I tried to play and I swear the little guy rolled his eyes at me then went back to playing with Chris.
  • Speaking of playing, we played at the American History Museum with the Watson’s Great Adventure Scavenger Hunts a few weeks ago.  It was great fun and I highly recommend it.  Since for the “first time ever” all the teams got the answers right, it came down to most creative team name.  Ours was the Ph.Ds, a.k.a. the Poisoned Historian Detectives.  It was good enough for about third place, but it was first in my heart.
  • Seriously, what are people so worked up about with Obama’s new Nobel Peace Prize?  I swear I’m not going to get started, but the man is closing Gitmo and put us on a new international law abiding path that does not involve torture or illegal wars.  Sounds peaceful to me.
  • Speaking of world peace, the U2 concert was awesome.  Chris and I didn’t have the greatest seats in the world, but it worked.  Plus, I just feel like U2 is just one of those groups I have to see before I die.  Check.
  • Planning geekery turned out to be manageable and not too much geekiness.  The SPPD reception at the ASCP conference was great.  All the good ones were there: Dowell, Sloane, Bannerjee, Guiliano.  It was good to see all of them again.
  • And, the presentation I was supposed to give at the ACSP conference was a bust.  We only had one attendee, and I already knew him!  So I gave him my materials and we talked for a bit.  Oh, well.  I will still continue to preach the gospel of the APA Policy Guides and how to use them.  And we are currently working on updating the Transportation Policy Guide, so let me know if you have any thoughts you would like to contribute.
  • Last night, Chris and I saw “The Musical of Musicals, the Musical!” at MetroStage in Alexandria, VA and it was awesome.  We are going to review the five styles presented and go again to enjoy it even more.  Lots of laughs.  Let me know if you are interested.  Sunday will be filled with more laughs as we see “Evil Dead The Musical” which apparently has a blood “splash zone.”  Yay!

That’s it! 

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