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Fresh from The Universe

This one really struck a chord with me this morning:

Now let me get this straight, Megan: You want things that you don’t yet have, people in your life who you don’t yet know, and events to take place that haven’t yet occurred, so that once these “things” come to pass you’ll feel happy, confident, and fulfilled; accomplished, desired, and appreciated; treasured, adored, and like one bad mamma jama, a beautiful sight to see?

But… wasn’t that your rationale for all the other stuff you wanted, that you now have?

The Universe


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Party Planning

Some of you know that as Director of Business Development, I get to do some fun stuff. This month’s “fun” activity is throwing a 30th Anniversary Party for 150 of our favorite clients and friends on the smallest budget you’ve ever seen. I picked the location and food, designed and sent the email and paper invitations, designed a slew of marketing materials including pens and engineering scales, created gifts for our founders, and now I’m working on one of those rolling powerpoint presentations. Whew.  Luckily I have some killer help.  I’m very good at delegating, so I’m assigning everyone something to be in charge of (Cummings trademark).

Long story short, the party is on Thursday, so I’m out until this whole thing is over. Wish me luck!

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Thank you, Mrs. Hipp

This is a little game that I thank Mrs. Hipp for. See her site for details.

My Mosaic

My Mosaic

1. The Many Faces of Megan, 2. peanut butter jelly time!, 3. Hibriten Graduation – 059, 4. You’re Home – Red Velvet August Kit, 5. RAV09SAVEDBELLPAGE2.JPG, 6. water tower perspective, 7. Australia ! Eyre Peninsula South Australia, 8. Fudge Mint Brownies, 9. My Mom is cooler than your mom, 10. Sunny at My Home, 11. easy going 3, 12. Untitled

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into the mosaic maker.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Megan
2. What is your favorite food? Peanut Butter
3. What high school did you go to? Hibriten High School
4. What is your favorite color? Red
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Mark Paul Gosselaar (uh-huh)
6. Favorite drink? Water
7. Dream vacation? Australia
8. Favorite dessert? Mint brownies
9. What you want to be when you grow up? a cool Mom
10. What do you love most in life? My home
11. One Word to describe you. Easy going
12. Your flickr name. Meganjane626 (though this yielded no results, so what you see here is just Meganjane).

If you make your own, send it to me!

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Sweet Home, Alabama

This weekend Chris and I headed to Alabama for a quick getaway to meet his grandmother and his friends throughout the state.  We flew into Huntsville Friday morning then drove to Auburn.  Chris is originally from Auburn and graduated from Auburn University, so the man has some history there.  We took a tour that consisted of a lot of “that wasn’t there before” or “I used to work there” or “that used to be a ______.”  We met his grandmother who was the sweetest thing ever.  

That evening we went to “Date Night” with Chris’s friend Julie, her husband Rob and their cute baby, Naomi.  Movie themed “Date Night” was sponsored by the baptist church, but I am happy to report that neither Chris nor I burst into flames upon stepping foot on the grounds.  And we had fun playing movie trivia and watching movie clips.  The one thing we learned from the “preaching” was that when (not if) you get married, things change in your relationship for the worse, so we interpreted that to mean better not get married.  That was our conclusion at least, but I’m sure their message got jumbled along the way.

Saturday we toured Montgomery for a brief bit (drove by the Alabama Capitol Building) then headed to Huntsville.  We met up with Chris’s friend, Chris Gray.  He gave us a great tour of Huntsville which included a new urbanist community, The Village of Providence (who knew??).   Then we met up with Dave, Wendy and little Sophia for dinner at an italian restaurant below the Huntsville Museum of Art.  Afterwards we headed to The Nook, a small hole in the wall that serves 115 types of beers.  Nice.

Sunday morning I got Bojangle’s for the group (holla!) then watched anime.  My first.  Chris and Chris picked out six different types, some of which was great, some of which was not.  There will be a separate posting on this for sure.

P.S. Alabama was cold.  I got fooled into thinking because we were headed south that it would be warmer.  But it was not.  Even Chris said “Brrr” a few times.


About last night

Last night I had the coolest thing happen to me that completely made my day. I was at a Lambda Alpha function (land economics society) and met a sweet young girl that works for EDAW. We were talking about demographics and planning and I mentioned that I had spoken about the same subject at the National Building Museum in May. “That was you?” she said. “Were you there?” I asked.  “No, but I heard about it.” she said.  Then she told me what I had talked about because her colleague who heard me was moved and shared it with her. How freakin’ cool was that? Totally worth being called an elitist in public.

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Searching for the Blog’s purpose

As absolutely fascinating as it is to read about my day-to-day activities, I have been searching for some bit of purpose to this blog.  My thoughts are never quite organized enough to write about transportation or urban planning issues, nor do I want this to become a work thing.  Improv is fun, but it doesn’t quite translate.  (Tangent: I changed classes from Monday night to Sunday – best “lookin’ out for my best interest” I’ve ever done.  Improv is fun again!)

But I am still striving to find something that I’m passionate enough about to write articulately and inform my dear readers.  It occurred to me that I see a lot of musicals and really enjoy them.  Chris likes them probably more than I do, which makes for an awesome evening out (or in – the man has the largest collection of DVD musicals I’ve ever seen).  And since we are free of adult responsibilities that some of our peers have, live in the city and can spend our extra cash on evenings out, that’s how we choose to spend our time together. 

So, I’m thinking of doing reviews for musicals I have watched. 

I will still keep the other stuff up, and one a week would be a reachable goal.  It may shift to movies and musicals, though I would not write my opinions about mainstream movies because they are not worth my time and you can see those yourself.  Chris and I recently decided that we would try to visit E Street Cinema at least once a week, so that could provide a good backup if we didn’t hit a musical every week (that includes the DVDs as live theatre can get pricey).  I may even try to get to community theatres, local shows or high school productions (HSM!!). 

Thoughts?  Is that remotely interesting?

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There is no such thing as a short post…

I am giving myself a little test on this lovely Friday afternoon.  Can I be brief?  We’re about to find out.

It’s been awhile since my last post, but thanks for staying with me.  Here are some of the things I have been up to, sprinkled in with some random thoughts.  In no order of importance or chronology:

  • Chris and I babysat little Rhys on Tuesday.  (Rhys belongs to Jenny and Dan and is one of the cutest kids ever).  At one point, Rhys was playing a noise game with Chris and having a buddy bonding moment.  I tried to play and I swear the little guy rolled his eyes at me then went back to playing with Chris.
  • Speaking of playing, we played at the American History Museum with the Watson’s Great Adventure Scavenger Hunts a few weeks ago.  It was great fun and I highly recommend it.  Since for the “first time ever” all the teams got the answers right, it came down to most creative team name.  Ours was the Ph.Ds, a.k.a. the Poisoned Historian Detectives.  It was good enough for about third place, but it was first in my heart.
  • Seriously, what are people so worked up about with Obama’s new Nobel Peace Prize?  I swear I’m not going to get started, but the man is closing Gitmo and put us on a new international law abiding path that does not involve torture or illegal wars.  Sounds peaceful to me.
  • Speaking of world peace, the U2 concert was awesome.  Chris and I didn’t have the greatest seats in the world, but it worked.  Plus, I just feel like U2 is just one of those groups I have to see before I die.  Check.
  • Planning geekery turned out to be manageable and not too much geekiness.  The SPPD reception at the ASCP conference was great.  All the good ones were there: Dowell, Sloane, Bannerjee, Guiliano.  It was good to see all of them again.
  • And, the presentation I was supposed to give at the ACSP conference was a bust.  We only had one attendee, and I already knew him!  So I gave him my materials and we talked for a bit.  Oh, well.  I will still continue to preach the gospel of the APA Policy Guides and how to use them.  And we are currently working on updating the Transportation Policy Guide, so let me know if you have any thoughts you would like to contribute.
  • Last night, Chris and I saw “The Musical of Musicals, the Musical!” at MetroStage in Alexandria, VA and it was awesome.  We are going to review the five styles presented and go again to enjoy it even more.  Lots of laughs.  Let me know if you are interested.  Sunday will be filled with more laughs as we see “Evil Dead The Musical” which apparently has a blood “splash zone.”  Yay!

That’s it! 

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