This past weekend

Last weekend was a great weekend.  So great, I’m just now getting around to writing about it (yes, I realize it’s almost the next weekend).

Thursday night I had dinner with Maria, then walked a few blocks down Barracks Row to celebrate Meghann’s birthday with Jules and a drink.  It is apparently birthday season around here, because on Friday night we celebrated Deepak’s birthday.  Deepak and Molly’s parties are always awesome, however, they somehow get better and better.  I was not disappointed by this session of Abba singing because Molly used the half full bottle of Jim Beam as her microphone.  Nice.  Dancing by all.

Saturday morning I had auditions for three of WIT’s troupes.  I did everything I had hoped to accomplish: find out what happens at auditions, play with some great people and get the first one under my belt without any expectations.  Done!  Everyone else was great…so much so I was concerned that if every audition is like that, there would not be anymore auditions in my future.  I was totally outmatched (which I expected, but damn the others were awesome).  Shout out to Jim who had the best initiation I’ve ever heard: “So, I just found out my father has down syndrome.”  Come to find out, some of the people in my audition were already in troupes or just moved to town with super impressive resumes and education.  Hope continues.

Saturday afternoon was spent with Chris and his friends moving Chris into his new place.  It was done so quickly, so props to everyone who helped out!  They even unpacked his book shelves and kitchen, which was about all he had anyway.  Boys.  The situating and settling is continuing, but I am so thrilled to have him so close…finally.  Now I get to see more of him and that makes me happy.

After the packing, we headed to Old Dominion to watch some football (sorry, Trojans.  I’m still there for you) then off to Piratz Tavern for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  We had fun and it was unexpectedly not crowded.  That is officially my third post about that place….I wonder what that means?

Sunday morning I had brunch with Reyna, Daniel and Arlene at Reyna and Daniel’s new place.  How freakin’ cute are they and their new place?  It was fun to get caught up and I hope to do more of that once they get to be more permanent in DC.

No move is complete without an Ikea trip, so I took Chris’s virginity yet again by taking him on his first Ikea trip.  We found bunches of great items, but didn’t bring any furniture home.  Next Sunday might be our big day.  We’ll see.  More shopping scheduled this Sunday, so I’ll let you know how it works out.

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