Notes from the Universe

Corinne Whiting introduced me to Notes from the Universe, a daily email “personalized” from The Universe.  Their tag line is “Thoughts become things…think good ones.”  Not a daily affirmation so much as a wacky and quirky way to look at things a bit differently.  Here are some examples of messages written by the Universe:

The difference between an old soul and a young soul, Megan, is known only by the old soul.

Whatever the heck that means,
    The Universe

Just kidding. I know. You do, too, right, Megan? Whew….


Whatever the heck that means.  Seriously. The Universe is real, yo.  Here’s another:

It’s exactly at times like these, Megan, when the going gets tough, rumors are rampant, and people begin resisting change, that you know things are about to get really, really good.

You always could pick the right time, the right place, and the best jeans.

All eyes are upon you,
    The Universe

 Better than even you have ever imagined, Megan.

And my favorite: 

From really far out in space, Megan, do you know what you look like?
A star.

A super star.

Love you like crazy glue,
    The Universe

Sometimes you make these things so easy to write, Megan.


Love you like crazy glue…hey, is Clay Griffith writing these?  They make me laugh.  Sign up and you, too, can giggle every morning.  Thanks, Corinne, for my daily giggle!

  1. #1 by craigkimkennedy on September 26, 2009 - 4:25 pm

    hilarious…I’m signing up.

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