Career Fair

Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday I had the pleasure of recruiting students at the Purdue Civil Engineering Career Fair.  This was my second year attending, and I am yet again impressed by the quality of their students – not as much GPAs and other quantative measures – but by being good people. 

The career fair is completely a student effort and they have great leaders and volunteers that see the process through.  For example, there was a nice young man (how old do I sound right now?) whose name I did not get that helped us get settled for our presentation.  Before we began I got some drinks for me and Emily and brought them back to the room, however, my hands were full and I could not open the door.  By the time I had realized this, he had walked across the hallway just to help me.  Seriously, now I really sound like an old lady!  And it wasn’t as if he was kissing my arse for a job – he did not even submit a resume to us.  At any rate, if Purdue keeps turning out good people AND good engineers, I have faith in the Millenium Generation after all.

Overall, this trip is quite easy because Emily knows her way around having graduated in May 2008 from Purdue.  And we are both knocked out from traveling.  I did not get a chance to take many photos, but here is one from the Indianpolis airport.  Is it art or a bench?  We couldn’t figure it out, but I really liked it! 

Suitcase bench in the brand new Indy airport

Suitcase bench in the brand new Indy airport

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