Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m so excited I can’t even think straight.  Chris and I are headed to Los Angeles bright and early tomorrow morning for a vacation, which is really just an excuse to meet up with friends and introduce Chris to my past.  We have a lot planned for the Labor Day weekend, including In-and-Out, Hollywood Bowl, watching USC football (on TV, unfortunately), touring USC and downtown, Griffith Observatory, Tar Pits, comic stores, WeHo, Santa Monica and the beach.  Most of this trip will be drive by adventures, which is what both Chris and I prefer for now.  As Chris pointed out, we’ll be back quite a bit so better for him to get a good general idea of things so next time we can take our time and see places in depth.

The part I am most looking forward to is introducing Chris to my friends.  He’s heard so much about everyone…actually, he’s heard a little bit about everyone because I was reluctant to overload him with stories about names and faces and places he did not know.  But, once he meets them, the floodgates will open!!

As a reminder, everyone in the Los Angeles area is invited to Far Bar on Sunday night for a reunion.  Come on by and say hello!

On Tuesday morning we depart Los Angeles for Seattle for Melissa’s wedding, which I am really excited about!  We have a lot planned for Seattle, since this is Chris’s first trip to the area.  Tuesday we’re touring downtown and hitting all the high spots (SAM, Library, Pike’s Place, Space Needle, Underground tour), plus we have tickets to see Wicked (my favorite musical of all time).  Emily is joining us for Wicked, Port Townsend and other touristy stuff we do, so this is a good chance to spend some good quality sister time.

As for wedding stuff, we have the bachelorette party on Thursday night, the BBQ on Friday night, the Wedding on Saturday and the brunch on Sunday morning….that sounds really southern.  My parents have rented a house on Bainbridge Island where we will not only be staying, we will also be hosting the BBQ and brunch, so things will get hectic: Cummings style.  But I’m looking forward to it.  Again, my favorite part will be introducing Chris to Seattle and friends and family.  That way, if he thinks my family is too crazy, he can dump me now!  (Just kidding, babe…don’t do it!)

Watch here for updates.  I’ll have access to three laptops for most of the adventure, so I’ll be sure to share photos and experiences as we go.  At least that is the hope.

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