Improv: Level 1B (almost) complete

If you missed Sunday’s show, you missed the best one so far.  There were only six of us from class: Brandon, Fanny, Katelyn, John, Luba and myself.  Luckily, Brandon, Fanny and I had been on that same stage the week before, so many of the “first timers” nerves were gone for us and we could focus on the performance at hand.  We actually got applause during the scenes, which our teacher Archie tells us is a rare but great thing.  Every scene we did (for a whole 15 minutes) had a purpose, which isn’t always the case for us.  What do you say when your scene partner begins with “I pooped in my pants on Space Mountain”.  Well, now I know.

Tonight is our review class to go over the showcase, play some games then go out for drinks.  The Level 1B has been a great class and now it’s on to Level 2.  That won’t start until late September, which is sad but good.  I’ll be ready for Level 2 by then.  Hopefully I will not forget everything from Level 1!

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