Stuff I Don’t Like

Today I make a list of stuff I don’t like 1. as a response to Stuff White People Like and 2. to make sure that if the press finds out that I’ve caused some horrible accident or embarrassed myself in some way, they will realize that I’m not that bad of a person. 

Now, caveat for this list…of course I don’t like poverty, hunger, war in the Middle East, homelessness and all those other very real, very awful things.  The hatred of these items unites us as human beings.   This list is more of a quirky list that makes me unique.  Clearly nothing to shoot anyone over.

  • Papercuts
  • Cash for clunkers program
  • Mean or rude people, including those who talk loudly on their cells on the metro trains
  • People who wear sunglasses indoors
  • That most of my closest friends are so far away
  • Seinfeld



  • Waking up in the middle of the night either with leg cramps or sleepwalking while rearranging my room
  • Losing things that I like or are close to me
  • How disorganized and messy my closet is
  • Getting so hungry I can’t make rational decisions about what to eat
  • When DC is not listed as a state or when “Washington DC” is the state, thus having to look in the W’s for it.
  • People who put other people down about their intelligence or looks
  • Pandora when I go over my 40 hour per month limit
  • Paperwork at home
  • Cabinets or drawers that are open when no one is around
  • Poor customer service
  • Migraines and losing my ability to speak
  • People who say they are sorry when clearly they do not mean it
  • WWF wresting
  • Slasher movies
  • Seeing paper, plastic bottles or cans in the trash when there is a recycling bin within view
  • Being in any retail establishment right before it closes for the night
  • Leftover toothpaste in the sink.  Globs of it like little children who don’t brush their teeth well.
  • Rugs that are not perpendicular to the room or have the corners flipped over
  • Gagging sounds, even if playing around
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