Mundane, yet current

In the interest of keeping things up-to-date and not getting too far behind, I will continue to try to write, even if I do not have much to say (I can always find something to say!).  This weekend was pretty low key.  Friday I worked on WPA 2.0 stuff then drove out to my country house in Fairfax, VA.  Saturday headed back into town for Improvapoloosa!  Boy was that fun.  It was fun because Amelia, Brandon and Jules made it fun.  Sorry no photos – I was too busy having fun.  Except for the concession stand part which wasn’t bad but long – a whole three hours selling beer.  Warming up and being backstage was fun – like I’m in some club that I stumbled upon.   Keyword: Fun.

The DOT went on around 2:30.  We asked for a word you think of when you hear “transportation” and thanks to Alice, we got “Dead.”  Too soon?  We went a different route and didn’t even reference transportation at all…turned into an Amway sketch.  Huh.  I’ll spare you the details, but the point is that we all had a great time and will certainly do it again next year.  We agreed to get creative (the skit after ours used a dog that spoke from above).  Many, many thanks to all the supporters our group had: John, Jason, Chris, Corey, Andrew, Molly, Gene, Alice, Lane and Meghann.  Thank you all!!

Next Sunday evening (time TBD) will be our Level 1B showcase.  Its free, so come on out.

Saturday night I returned to the country house and watched 500 Days of Summer.  I highly recommend it.  Sunday was three back-to-back episodes of Dr. Who – which is turning out to be quite lovely.  I may save those opinions for another post.  That afternoon was another round of Scion and I got a bonus point!!  Yay!  As a first timer, this encourages me.  I have no clue really what is going on, but I must be doing something right.  I’ll probably write about that in another post, too. 

Please be forewarned now.  Posts may start to get pretty boring.  I’m trying to simplify my life and it appears that it is working.  My calendar after August 9th is completely clear.  I’m starting a diet and Wii fitness routine, so that’s about as exciting as it may get!  I’ll try to find some interesting objects to discuss in depth, but for now….stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

One more thing.  Shout out Happy Birthday to Jacob whose birthday was yesterday and inspires me with his TWO birthday weeks.  With a future Brother-in-Law like that, who needs sisters??

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