Teamworkin’ II

Updates for the teams-

1. Improvapoloosa.  improvapalooza2009-300x187

We are technically done with practices and we (think we) know what we are doing.  As previously stated, our team name is Department of Transportation, so we’ll get a transportation word and go from there.  You can catch us on Saturday, August 1st at 2:00 at Source Theatre on 14th Street.  Cost is $10, but so worth it because we’re gonna act a fool as they say.  Come on out!  I will also be volunteering from 4-7 pm so come then, too, if you can’t make the 2:00 show.  Actually, it’s a drop-in event so come whenever you want.  And if you want to volunteer for that day, or anytime for WIT, feel free because they need a lot of hands to make their productions run smoothly.  Pretty cool way to volunteer…that’s how I met Chris!

Not the US Postal Service anymore...

Not the US Postal Service anymore...

2. WPA 2.0 competition, aka USPS team. 

We had our last face-to-face team meeting last night with assignments for all.  It is due next Friday electronically, so we’ll be happy to have that out the door.  We expect a draft to come out on Monday, so drop me a line if you want to read and comment before we submit it.  References are still needed so let me know if you would like to write a quick, one page statement confirming that our idea kicks ass.  If you know anything about the US Postal Service or electricity in any fashion, we want to hear from you!  Seriously.  I’m waiting to be done with the competition before posting our oh-so-brilliant idea, so stay tuned!

After the USPS sketchbook gets submitted on August 7th, a short trip to NYC to see my parents on August 7-8 (to wish them a happy 35th wedding anniversary in person)  and a final improv class showcase on August 9th, I should be done with extra stuff for awhile.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m so busy living my life that I actually forget to live my life.

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