Lauren and Bryan

Bryan and Lauren in San Francisco this spring.

…Birthday, Lauren!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and have a great time celebrating!  I am sure that Bryan got you a gift and therefore will not have that look on his face when he remembers it’s your birthday!  He’s good like that.   To celebrate our memories, I watched the entire sixth season of Sex and the City last night while doing some work.  As you know, nothing says summer like SATC and manechevitz!  And today I’m listening to the “I see a vista!” mix and “Only living boy in NY” came on.  Remember the fun we had with the comps?  You are such a special person and I am so glad that you and I have shared these last six years together.  I look forward to even more memories and laughs (even if we are separated by an entire continent).  Love you!


….Peruvian Independence Day, uh, Peru!!  I cannot believe it was exactly one year ago today that Deepti and I were wandering through the Peruvian Amazon (followed by a trip to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu).  It was an amazing trip, and I cannot wait to see where our next adventure leads us!  P.S. Chris and I are headed to the Peruvian Embassy’s party tonight for some music and classic Pisco Sours.  Yum.

Deepti and me fishing on the Amazon

Deepti and me fishing on the Amazon

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