Update: Last Week

Where did I leave off?  Let’s try this format:

Friday, July 17th.  Played poker at Rob Gibson’s where I won quite a bit of money, but had to leave so I gave it to Maria to play with.  She lost it all, but had fun playing.  I left early to arrive at my house to have DJ, Korinne and John standing outside waiting for me around 11:15.  I cooked up a little surprise for Chris to go see the midnight showing of “Army of Darkness” at the E Street Cinema with his friends.  I had never seen it, but it’s one of Chris’s favorite movies.  I must say, it’s actually a pretty funny movie!

Saturday, July 18th.  I got caught up on some movies while Chris entertained by hosting a Star Wars game.  Still not sure what this means, but I will find out over time, I’m sure.

Sunday, July 19th.  Played Scion with the gang.  I enjoyed this round and playing my character, Skye, has been a real treat.  I learned that she’s pretty inefficient in battle, so her mother gave her five human-sized crabs to protect her.  I think that’s pretty bad ass for a defense.

Monday, July 20th.  First WPA meeting.  We have a killer idea that I will discuss in a later post.  Key word being Post.

Tuesday, July 21st.  Visited Jules and Gene at their new place in Columbia Heights.  Their furniture had not arrived from Chicago, so it made the perfect practice location for our improv team.  We learned a lot, but I feel like I’m slipping and forgetting the important things, so I need as much practice as I can get.

Wednesday, July 22nd. My ULI Mentor group went to watch the Nats beat the Mets.  I’m still 100% Nats victories when watching them live, but that’s only four.  Still, four out of what, 25 wins?  Not shabby.  We had a great time, and I hope Chris enjoyed his first game enough to return! 

Thursday, July 23rd.  Improv class.  Fun as always.  Worked on games and puzzles, so that was a treat.

Friday, July 24th.  Another WPA team meeting with the group, now officially called USPS.  Again, more details later.

Saturday, July 25th.  Wii day!!  Yay!  Went to Jason and Amelia’s for an all afternoon Wii party where we tried out such fun games such as Rampage, Super Mario Kart and Cooking Mama (a japanese cooking instructional game.  Mooshi anyone?).  Thanks to Ameila for the homemade breadcrust for the homemade pizzas – yum.  Then we headed to Alice and Andrew’s for a BBQ gathering to break in their new place and get caught up with the gang.  Played some trivia games late into the night.  Alice and Andrew have an awesome place, if you are wondering.

Sunday, July 26th.  Took a lazy day with Chris.  Watched some HIMYM and Dr. Who.  I’m upset that Marshall and Lily are broken up.  Grr.  Anyway, had improv practice in the evening with the Department of Transportation team.  I think we’ll be awesome.

That catches me up to today.  I have some work to do this evening for USPS.  And of course, real work, which I have neglected this past 30 minutes while I wrote this entry.  Back to work…

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