As if I weren’t busy enough with a hectic work phase, I have decided to throw together a few teams.  Teams for what you ask?  Ahh, extracurricular teams – the best kind.

Team 1: WPA 2.0 cityLAB competition

Yes, I went back for more cityLAB fun with the WPA 2.0 project competition.  I could not resist.  The taste of second place in Prop X still lingers in my mouth and I’m thirsty for first.  The WPA 2.0 set up and competition is a bit different than the last, but should be a similar experience.  The shorter time frame will be much appreciated – this one is due August 7th.  Yes, that’s three weeks away.  I am convinced I am crazy.

This year’s team stars some amazing folks from the DC development world.  I am so impressed, and most of the kudos goes to Jess Zimbabwe.  We have yet to find a challenge or a solution, but if any team could do it, it is this one.  Our first meeting is next Monday, so I’ll keep you updated.

Team 2: Improvapoloosafundraisersidebar

This is the certification that I am crazy.  I signed up not one, but two, teams for Improvapoloosa.  I’ve never even seen it, but apparently it is a marathon of 10 hours of improv.  Just helping the WIT community – can I call this community service since WIT is a non-profit?

Anyway, one of the teams is my Level 2A class, called “Archie’s Got Class.”  We are a hodge podge of random folks at the 2A level, but Archie, our teacher, tells us we are far advanced so we’re out to either make him look good or make a liar out of him.  At the very least, this is practice for the class showcase on August 9th, when the pressure is on to really make Archie look good in front of his fellow teachers.  Or so he says.

The second Improvapaloosa team should be a real hoot.  (With words like “hoot,” doesn’t that make you want to see it even more?)  I’ve recruited Julianna Duffy (making her first DC improv appearance), Amelia Vogel, Brandon Russell and myself, making up the team “Department of Transportation”  Huh.  Wonder who came up with that idea.

For all the Improv teams, I’ll post information once I know more.  But the festival will be sometime on July 31st or August 1st.

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