Fourth of July

This past holiday weekend, I took Chris home to meet the parents and show him a bit of North Carolina.  Technically, this was our first road trip and it went very well.  Our love of competition and broadway musicals kept us busy with XM playing “Name That Tune”.  I beat him on the old stuff, he beat me on the new, which made for an easy 7.5 hour drive to Lenoir.

We got home late Thursday night and yapped for an hour then went to bed.  Friday we drove to Asheville to visit the Biltmore House and see Emily.  Emily, who works at the Biltmore Inn, totally hooked a family up.  We visited her at the Inn briefly, then headed to the house.  It looked just as beautiful as it always does, and with three new rooms opened, it felt new despite my last visit being in December last year. 

Chris and I in the Biltmore's green house

Chris and me in the Biltmore's green house

Although, Christmas at the Biltmore is a completely different experience than a beautiful summer day when you can walk out onto the deck.  But I digress.

After touring the home, we picnicked with Em by the lake at my family’s “secret” meeting spot.  It was lovely.  Then we headed to the winery for some tasting and purchased two of our favorites (along with that yummy dip that I look forward to serving soon).  We took a drive around the city, visited Emily’s new apartment then got on the road back to Lenoir.

Saturday, the parents and us putzed around the house in the morning.  We decided to head to Wilson’s Creek because I had never been.  It’s about four miles from a paved road.  But it gets worse.  

"Hiking" at Wilson's Creek with Maw and Paw

"Hiking" at Wilson's Creek with Maw and Paw

After looking around at the creek and finding a couple of different spots, we went to the info center about another three miles down the dirt road.  Apparently you could take a dirt road all the way to Blowing Rock, so that’s what we did.  It was a lot of dirt road.  15 miles from where we were, so about 20+ miles total.  Seriously.  It was back woods.  And poor Chris counted five confederate flags on houses and campsites.  I felt so bad for him, but luckily he slept through the last three flags.  We had no clue where we were, then all the sudden we popped out into Blowing Rock’s 4th of July Parade!  Who knew?  Walked around, watched the rest of the parade then had a nice little picnic.  Of course, Mom and Dad found people they knew which makes me sort of miss small town living. 

Chris and me at Wilson's Creek

Chris and me at Wilson's Creek

We made it back to Lenoir for the traditional American meal of fried shrimp and baked potatoes and hush puppies.  Yum.  Then off to the fireworks, which were remarkably impressive.  Smiley faces and all!  Next time we’re bringing blankets and Firefly.  At home we lit our own fireworks, which made me feel like a kid again!  The rest of the evening and weekend was chill – playing wii, reading on the screened porch (I love that screened porch).

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