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Teamworkin’ II

Updates for the teams-

1. Improvapoloosa.  improvapalooza2009-300x187

We are technically done with practices and we (think we) know what we are doing.  As previously stated, our team name is Department of Transportation, so we’ll get a transportation word and go from there.  You can catch us on Saturday, August 1st at 2:00 at Source Theatre on 14th Street.  Cost is $10, but so worth it because we’re gonna act a fool as they say.  Come on out!  I will also be volunteering from 4-7 pm so come then, too, if you can’t make the 2:00 show.  Actually, it’s a drop-in event so come whenever you want.  And if you want to volunteer for that day, or anytime for WIT, feel free because they need a lot of hands to make their productions run smoothly.  Pretty cool way to volunteer…that’s how I met Chris!

Not the US Postal Service anymore...

Not the US Postal Service anymore...

2. WPA 2.0 competition, aka USPS team. 

We had our last face-to-face team meeting last night with assignments for all.  It is due next Friday electronically, so we’ll be happy to have that out the door.  We expect a draft to come out on Monday, so drop me a line if you want to read and comment before we submit it.  References are still needed so let me know if you would like to write a quick, one page statement confirming that our idea kicks ass.  If you know anything about the US Postal Service or electricity in any fashion, we want to hear from you!  Seriously.  I’m waiting to be done with the competition before posting our oh-so-brilliant idea, so stay tuned!

After the USPS sketchbook gets submitted on August 7th, a short trip to NYC to see my parents on August 7-8 (to wish them a happy 35th wedding anniversary in person)  and a final improv class showcase on August 9th, I should be done with extra stuff for awhile.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m so busy living my life that I actually forget to live my life.


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Lauren and Bryan

Bryan and Lauren in San Francisco this spring.

…Birthday, Lauren!!  Hope you have a wonderful day and have a great time celebrating!  I am sure that Bryan got you a gift and therefore will not have that look on his face when he remembers it’s your birthday!  He’s good like that.   To celebrate our memories, I watched the entire sixth season of Sex and the City last night while doing some work.  As you know, nothing says summer like SATC and manechevitz!  And today I’m listening to the “I see a vista!” mix and “Only living boy in NY” came on.  Remember the fun we had with the comps?  You are such a special person and I am so glad that you and I have shared these last six years together.  I look forward to even more memories and laughs (even if we are separated by an entire continent).  Love you!


….Peruvian Independence Day, uh, Peru!!  I cannot believe it was exactly one year ago today that Deepti and I were wandering through the Peruvian Amazon (followed by a trip to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu).  It was an amazing trip, and I cannot wait to see where our next adventure leads us!  P.S. Chris and I are headed to the Peruvian Embassy’s party tonight for some music and classic Pisco Sours.  Yum.

Deepti and me fishing on the Amazon

Deepti and me fishing on the Amazon

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Update: Last Week

Where did I leave off?  Let’s try this format:

Friday, July 17th.  Played poker at Rob Gibson’s where I won quite a bit of money, but had to leave so I gave it to Maria to play with.  She lost it all, but had fun playing.  I left early to arrive at my house to have DJ, Korinne and John standing outside waiting for me around 11:15.  I cooked up a little surprise for Chris to go see the midnight showing of “Army of Darkness” at the E Street Cinema with his friends.  I had never seen it, but it’s one of Chris’s favorite movies.  I must say, it’s actually a pretty funny movie!

Saturday, July 18th.  I got caught up on some movies while Chris entertained by hosting a Star Wars game.  Still not sure what this means, but I will find out over time, I’m sure.

Sunday, July 19th.  Played Scion with the gang.  I enjoyed this round and playing my character, Skye, has been a real treat.  I learned that she’s pretty inefficient in battle, so her mother gave her five human-sized crabs to protect her.  I think that’s pretty bad ass for a defense.

Monday, July 20th.  First WPA meeting.  We have a killer idea that I will discuss in a later post.  Key word being Post.

Tuesday, July 21st.  Visited Jules and Gene at their new place in Columbia Heights.  Their furniture had not arrived from Chicago, so it made the perfect practice location for our improv team.  We learned a lot, but I feel like I’m slipping and forgetting the important things, so I need as much practice as I can get.

Wednesday, July 22nd. My ULI Mentor group went to watch the Nats beat the Mets.  I’m still 100% Nats victories when watching them live, but that’s only four.  Still, four out of what, 25 wins?  Not shabby.  We had a great time, and I hope Chris enjoyed his first game enough to return! 

Thursday, July 23rd.  Improv class.  Fun as always.  Worked on games and puzzles, so that was a treat.

Friday, July 24th.  Another WPA team meeting with the group, now officially called USPS.  Again, more details later.

Saturday, July 25th.  Wii day!!  Yay!  Went to Jason and Amelia’s for an all afternoon Wii party where we tried out such fun games such as Rampage, Super Mario Kart and Cooking Mama (a japanese cooking instructional game.  Mooshi anyone?).  Thanks to Ameila for the homemade breadcrust for the homemade pizzas – yum.  Then we headed to Alice and Andrew’s for a BBQ gathering to break in their new place and get caught up with the gang.  Played some trivia games late into the night.  Alice and Andrew have an awesome place, if you are wondering.

Sunday, July 26th.  Took a lazy day with Chris.  Watched some HIMYM and Dr. Who.  I’m upset that Marshall and Lily are broken up.  Grr.  Anyway, had improv practice in the evening with the Department of Transportation team.  I think we’ll be awesome.

That catches me up to today.  I have some work to do this evening for USPS.  And of course, real work, which I have neglected this past 30 minutes while I wrote this entry.  Back to work…

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As if I weren’t busy enough with a hectic work phase, I have decided to throw together a few teams.  Teams for what you ask?  Ahh, extracurricular teams – the best kind.

Team 1: WPA 2.0 cityLAB competition

Yes, I went back for more cityLAB fun with the WPA 2.0 project competition.  I could not resist.  The taste of second place in Prop X still lingers in my mouth and I’m thirsty for first.  The WPA 2.0 set up and competition is a bit different than the last, but should be a similar experience.  The shorter time frame will be much appreciated – this one is due August 7th.  Yes, that’s three weeks away.  I am convinced I am crazy.

This year’s team stars some amazing folks from the DC development world.  I am so impressed, and most of the kudos goes to Jess Zimbabwe.  We have yet to find a challenge or a solution, but if any team could do it, it is this one.  Our first meeting is next Monday, so I’ll keep you updated.

Team 2: Improvapoloosafundraisersidebar

This is the certification that I am crazy.  I signed up not one, but two, teams for Improvapoloosa.  I’ve never even seen it, but apparently it is a marathon of 10 hours of improv.  Just helping the WIT community – can I call this community service since WIT is a non-profit?

Anyway, one of the teams is my Level 2A class, called “Archie’s Got Class.”  We are a hodge podge of random folks at the 2A level, but Archie, our teacher, tells us we are far advanced so we’re out to either make him look good or make a liar out of him.  At the very least, this is practice for the class showcase on August 9th, when the pressure is on to really make Archie look good in front of his fellow teachers.  Or so he says.

The second Improvapaloosa team should be a real hoot.  (With words like “hoot,” doesn’t that make you want to see it even more?)  I’ve recruited Julianna Duffy (making her first DC improv appearance), Amelia Vogel, Brandon Russell and myself, making up the team “Department of Transportation”  Huh.  Wonder who came up with that idea.

For all the Improv teams, I’ll post information once I know more.  But the festival will be sometime on July 31st or August 1st.

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Improv Classes

Improv Classes

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I’m (almost) a star.  Enough said.

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Fourth of July

This past holiday weekend, I took Chris home to meet the parents and show him a bit of North Carolina.  Technically, this was our first road trip and it went very well.  Our love of competition and broadway musicals kept us busy with XM playing “Name That Tune”.  I beat him on the old stuff, he beat me on the new, which made for an easy 7.5 hour drive to Lenoir.

We got home late Thursday night and yapped for an hour then went to bed.  Friday we drove to Asheville to visit the Biltmore House and see Emily.  Emily, who works at the Biltmore Inn, totally hooked a family up.  We visited her at the Inn briefly, then headed to the house.  It looked just as beautiful as it always does, and with three new rooms opened, it felt new despite my last visit being in December last year. 

Chris and I in the Biltmore's green house

Chris and me in the Biltmore's green house

Although, Christmas at the Biltmore is a completely different experience than a beautiful summer day when you can walk out onto the deck.  But I digress.

After touring the home, we picnicked with Em by the lake at my family’s “secret” meeting spot.  It was lovely.  Then we headed to the winery for some tasting and purchased two of our favorites (along with that yummy dip that I look forward to serving soon).  We took a drive around the city, visited Emily’s new apartment then got on the road back to Lenoir.

Saturday, the parents and us putzed around the house in the morning.  We decided to head to Wilson’s Creek because I had never been.  It’s about four miles from a paved road.  But it gets worse.  

"Hiking" at Wilson's Creek with Maw and Paw

"Hiking" at Wilson's Creek with Maw and Paw

After looking around at the creek and finding a couple of different spots, we went to the info center about another three miles down the dirt road.  Apparently you could take a dirt road all the way to Blowing Rock, so that’s what we did.  It was a lot of dirt road.  15 miles from where we were, so about 20+ miles total.  Seriously.  It was back woods.  And poor Chris counted five confederate flags on houses and campsites.  I felt so bad for him, but luckily he slept through the last three flags.  We had no clue where we were, then all the sudden we popped out into Blowing Rock’s 4th of July Parade!  Who knew?  Walked around, watched the rest of the parade then had a nice little picnic.  Of course, Mom and Dad found people they knew which makes me sort of miss small town living. 

Chris and me at Wilson's Creek

Chris and me at Wilson's Creek

We made it back to Lenoir for the traditional American meal of fried shrimp and baked potatoes and hush puppies.  Yum.  Then off to the fireworks, which were remarkably impressive.  Smiley faces and all!  Next time we’re bringing blankets and Firefly.  At home we lit our own fireworks, which made me feel like a kid again!  The rest of the evening and weekend was chill – playing wii, reading on the screened porch (I love that screened porch).

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Piratz Tavern

I shared birthday week with two of Chris’ friends, DJ (Tuesday) and Jason (Saturday).  We briefly thought about joining forces for one big blowout next year, but quickly decided we liked three separate parties in one week.

Birthday boy attacking pirate

Birthday boy attacking pirate

So we headed to Piratz Taven in Silver Spring on Saturday night for Jason’s birthday.  (Tuesday was spent in Old Town singing karaoke with the locals.)  I highly recommend the Tavern for good ol’ fashioned grog.  And alley fire twirling displays.  And really, really, really spicy food.  And accurate pirate costumes.  And kitsch.

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